Information Security Services, Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

About Us

SNCA is a new generation IT Services Company based out of Ontario, Canada. We specialize in providing end to end services in Information Services, Risk Management, Application Development and Business Intelligence.

SNCA was started by an experienced team of professionals with diverse experience between them. Our goal was to educate and assist our customers in the information security world and to deliver exceptional security services on time and within budget.

At SNCA, we provide professional services and empower our clients to focus on simplifying their environment with proper security measures and compliance. We understand that our growth as a company rests on the brilliance of individuals and the Core Values of the Company. SNCA serves industries from various domains - Financial Services, Healthcare, Banking, just to name a few.

We look out for innovative people who like to create things from scratch. We strive for talent who are ready to take over a challenging work environment. SNCA attracts and retains the best talent. By training our resources and grooming them to perform in the hardest environment, we provide our clients the best resources available.