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Information Security Assessment

Information Security Assessment

Legal and regulatory requirements expect companies of all sizes to devote the utmost attention and priority to information security risks. Today, information security assessment has become an integral part of a company’s operations. Traditional Information security risk analysis relies solely on quantitative and qualitative analysis methods. However, more sophisticated assessment methods are constantly evolving, and only professional information security assessment companies (like SNCA) keep abreast of the latest developments.

The threat of information security breach is real and imminent. Companies and individuals alike are aware of the need to protect the integrity of data from hackers. As information security laws in Canada become more and more stringent in order to tackle rising incidences of hacking, companies too need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses in data security. The purpose of an information security assessment is to identify and quantify the risks to the organization’s information assets. This information is used to determine how best to mitigate those risks and effectively preserve the organization’s valuable assets.

The information security assessment helps to evaluate infrastructure, applications, networks, policies and procedures to identify vulnerabilities. The assessment provides recommendations, which allows the organization to achieve the objective to mitigate risk.

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