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Information Security Policy Development

Information Security Policy Development

For an organization to have a well defined approach to the protection of their information assets, it is very important to have a planned and effective information security policy.

An information security policy should specify an organization’s complete policy to protect informational assets. Policy is normally comprised of a high level policy statement together with additional detailed policy documents. The policies should include all the measures necessary for the organization to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

SNCA, Canada (Ontario) can assist to design a suite of information security policy documents to cover all information security bases within an organization. We assist our clients to develop a policy framework for their best practices. The framework will help the organization to define the company’s approach to information security. It is important for the organization to set rules for the users, management and administrators. The policy should define and authorize the consequences of any violations.

This will ensure that the measures that are taken by the company are protecting the valuable assets from unauthorized destruction and damage to the brand. This is important to ensure confidentiality, integrity and timely availability of the resources.

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