Information Security Services, Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Information Security Services

Information Security Services

Due to the reach of the Internet, electronically recorded information that is available on networked computers is more vulnerable than printed information. Clever cyber intruders can exploit vulnerabilities even from remote countries. What is more, since they can simply make electronic copies, a company will not be even aware that their data is compromised unless it is too late.

Companies need to be proactive in protecting confidential data. However, as hackers become more and more sophisticated, Canadian companies are beginning to realize that they are better off outsourcing information security to professional rather than engage in-house resources.

SNCA (Ontario, Canada) works in the cyber security domain and helps protect IT infrastructure by leading practices customized to operate a secured infrastructure and by using preventative due diligence activities. Our comprehensive information security services mitigate the risk of cyber pilferage. Our strategic approach to information security provides clients with valuable insights about data vulnerability. Our company delivers professional advice about how to protect our clients' vital information data.

We closely assess current security infrastructure to understand the existing information technology control framework, identify the most vulnerable threats and attacks. We align security requirements to business objectives, determine appropriate level of security and operating model, and implement security strategy.

We ensure that our information security services incorporate best practices and apply methodologies to succeed. Our experienced resources help identify the threats and security gaps to better protect your valuable assets. Our training modules assist the teams to develop an awareness to ensure a secured working environment.

As you look ahead to adopt new technologies, our information security services will support you on every phase of the development, to shape your policies and procedures for new challenges.

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