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Information Security Threat Assessment

Information Security Threat Assessment

Information Security threat assessment is an essential component of an information security risk evaluation. Especially for financial institutions, this assessment is a pre-requisite for a comprehensive information security program and a stated regulatory requirement.

Information Security Threat Assessments (ISTAs) complement audits and technical vulnerability assessments. An ISTA presents a focused view of potential risks to an organization’s informational assets — from any threat source.

Our approach to security threat assessment includes a deep analysis on the technologies supporting the organization or information system and the susceptibility to internal or external attack. If a new system or application is being added to your environment, or introducing a new vendor/entity, it is important to perform this assessment to ensure that no new risks are introduced in the environment.

We assist our clients to give best practices on how to maximize the preventive measures with respect to availability, confidentiality and integrity, for their functionality models. An ISTA provides a foundation for a risk management program of the organization. We perform these assessments as per the client’s needs. Our detailed security threat assessment reports demonstrate compliance with regulatory mandates and provide a clear plan of action to secure your valuable assets.

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